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Maya Angelou - Celebrations: Rituals Of Peace And Prayer

Maya Angelou - Celebrations: Rituals Of Peace And Prayer

Another eternally soothing poetic example of Maya Angelou’s finest work is Celebration: Rituals of Peace and Prayer. It is a collection of invaluable poems; one of which “On The Pulse of Morning” was recited by Maya herself during the 1993 inauguration of President Bill Clinton. It was the first time that a black woman was called in at such a big platform. The incident itself was motivating enough for other African Americans to look forward to setting bigger goals in their lives.

Some of the other poems in this collection made it to the National Christmas Tree at the White House. Through Celebration: Rituals of Peace and Prayer, Angelou has reached out to Oprah Winfrey to commemorate her on her birthday, late Luther Vandross, and several other friends that passed away.

Readers feel their heart sing to the tunes of this collection. Also, it is a priceless wonderful gift that anyone can give to someone highly valued in life.

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