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Maya Angelou - Still I Rise

Maya Angelou - Still I Rise

There’s nothing like a man’s will that stands in his own way, the harshest of all obstacles of life. Still I Rise speaks of success, repeated failures and ways of swallowing defeat with pride. Certainly, like all other works, this book come poem is Maya Angelou’s masterpiece; even if she wrote it in a casual manner.

It feels good to read inspiring poems, which are a little off the usual lovelorn themes. Reviewers have regarded it as something slightly more edgy than William E. Henley’s “Invictus”. The only side effects of Still I Rise are rumblings of motivational seizures, a heart-to-heart conversation with your life objectives and possibilities of being something better in future.

Plus, people who’ve already read this poem, they’ve come back to buy multiple copies of it. The flavor makes it impossible to resist and recommend this epic title to others.

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