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Richard Wright - The Long Dream

Richard Wright - The Long Dream

This book is also available in newer and revised editions, all because of its height of popularity. Richard Wright's The Long Dream stretches over a webby plot which cycles around the expatriate Mr. Fishbelly, son of Tyree Tucker – a black mortician and owner of a whore house. Set in the 1940s, the writing style in this book is so real that sometimes a reader may feel himself pulled inside the passages.

Truly, the post read experiences regarding “The Long Dream” are “Wow-what-a-book” type. It’s because of the feverish relationship of a father and a son, who always had a conflict of interest. The writer, through this fascinating novel, has delivered the concept of good and evil. The father being a sinner is always opposed to his son because of his anti-sinful views.

A re-read of this amazing title is bound to bring up something new and worth contemplating every time.

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